HART is ‘a real tonic’

After discharge from hospital on the Thursday before a bank holiday weekend, Alan had been advised by his Occupational Therapist that he would need to remain upstairs due to mobility issues.  Whilst his wife was able to prepare meals and administer medication, she would not be able to support him with personal care or mobility. Alan was therefore referred into HART for two home visits a day.

We supported him in the mornings with showering, dressing and emptying his catheter bag. In the evenings, we emptied and changed his catheter bag and helped him to prepare for bed.  Throughout our time here, Alan’s mobility improved.

We also installed a temporary TeleCare (lifeline) unit and key safe, and made a referral to the Wellbeing Service for ongoing support.

By our final visit, Alan had made sufficient improvements with his mobility that he could get up and down stairs, empty his own catheter bag and get himself ready and into bed.  He was going to require some support with showering for a little longer and it was arranged that this should be provided through the Integrated Community Team.

Alan and his wife told the responders that they looked forward to their visits not just for the practical support but because the friendly and positive outlook of HART staff gave them a real tonic.