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If you’re a member of a hospital discharge or community health team in Lincolnshire, find out how the Hospital Avoidance Response Team (HART) can help keep your patients safe and well at home.


Key facts and performance data

If you represent a commissioning organisation, Hospital Avoidance Response Team (HART) key facts and performance data show how this preventive service is impacting the local community and economy.




Commissioner: Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS)

Aim: to assist Lincolnshire County Hospitals in avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions and delayed hospital discharges, ie, to help reduce attendance at A & E, emergency admissions, protracted hospital stays and other delayed transfers of care and, at the same time, to enable people to regain and retain independence.

Service description: HART provides up to 72 hours’ support at home where hospital admission is deemed inappropriate or avoidable, or after hospital discharge, when responsive or planned care can either bridge a gap until longer-term arrangements are established, or provide short-term support to sustain independence.

Scope: six of the seven districts in the county, excluding East Lindsey, where the service is subcontracted to Walnut Care.

This is achieved via:

  • provision and immediate installation of TeleCare/lifeline personal safety alarms
  • TeleCare monitoring and 24/7 response support
  • planned personal care, including medication support, bathing, repositioning, food preparation and shopping
  • cross-referrals into the Wellbeing Service to support longer-term independence, where appropriate.

2016 – 2017 Achievements

days’ support in total


planned call-outs

referrals into Wellbeing Service

hospital admissions*

responsive call-outs

A total of 3,544 Wellbeing Service and HART customers transported home from hospital where admission via A & E is inappropriate /avoidable, or to facilitate hospital discharge.

*during the period of our intervention.

Cost savings


Hospital bed savings due to timely hospital discharge


Hospital bed savings due to admission avoidance


Total proven cost savings

Bridging gaps in care


HART support 592 days

Long-term care plan

Independent pathway