Service design

LILP members work with each other and with public sector organisations to design and develop services around key principles. Our services are:

preventive, that is, prevent accidents and illness, promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing, provide early intervention to avert crisis and support reablement after crisis.

person centred, enabling the customer to take the lead in identifying problems and solutions, with a view to engagement and empowerment.

holistic, helping customers address any issues affecting wellbeing and independence, in acknowledgement of the fact that they often go hand in hand.

We can design and deliver services to meet commissioners’ short and longer-term needs, and adapt them to accommodate change. Moreover, our services are subjected to ongoing monitoring, joint review and refinement.

All of which bring better customer outcomes whilst reducing pressure on the public sector.

Transforming service delivery

LILP is uniquely flexible: by pooling resources, expertise and local knowledge, partners can achieve economies of scale, avoid duplication of effort and provide commissioner and service user alike with a single point of contact and seamless service.

We have established extensive contacts within the local community, via which our customers can access the broadest range of further support, where necessary.